Six Things That Money Can’t Buy

Every individual wants financial security. Everyone in this world has a dream to become rich because they know and they believe that Money gives power. Money makes a person satisfied famous and happy. Money is really a very important thing in everyone’s life. Money has become the most important necessity of people. Because of money, …

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What is the Difference Between Winners and Losers?

A failure can become a winner, but losers can never become a failure, for me losers are the ones who never try, they accept their failure before trying anything new, they fear to do new things because they afraid to fail, they have fear about what others will say, how others will judge them, losers …

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Difference Between Confidence and Overconfidence

There are three kinds of behavior we can see amongst people. Either a person has low self-esteem,  high self-esteem means confidence or Delusional Overconfidence. We all know the difference between low self-esteem and High self-esteem (confidence), Because differences are very evident when we talk about low self-esteem person and confident person,  Low self-esteem people always …

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