Holi- A beautiful festival of colours

Everyone knows what is Holi right?

Here I would tell you the beauty of this festival.

In the month of Phalgun, on a particular evening, you head towards your balcony and see a panoramic beauty of the full round moon in the colour of white. Ultimately all colours are born from the white colour right? Beneath the white light of the moon, you will see people dancing around excitingly waiting to throw colours on each others’ faces the next day. But who has so much patience to wait for the next day? The alleys get crowded. Friends and families come in unison. They share their happy moments hugging each other. I still remember how “colours” united two families on this auspicious day.

One of the most celebrated festivals of India, Holi has a great mythological significance. King Hiranyakashyap ordered his sister to sit on a burning fire with prahlad only to see the unexpected- victory of good over evil.

This festival of Hindus comes at a time when the winds start to blow after a cold and dry winter. In India, the beautiful spring starts with a splash of colours. What a wonderful way to start the season of spring!

On the main day of holi, step outside your house and you will not be able to identify yourself! You will be drenched in mixed colours. People will run around throwing buckets of colours amidst loud rock music. You can also take your partner for a romance and celebrate with red colours- colour of love.

If you are celebrating holi today, keep in mind the significance of the beautiful and the most revered festival that is Holi.by redbuzz. Thanks.

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