4 Sign You Have Big Heart(Highly Sensitive Person)

When you think about yourself ‘why I am so sensitive’, Then you feel sorry for yourself, because you would think that just being sensitive is harmful to you because you will feel that people use to heart you. Friends, If you are a sensitive person then your thinking is so big, Your heart is very big and the biggest thing is that this is your big Nobility. Andy other people who are not that much sensitive their thinking is also smaller as they are.And friends, you must know that any person in this world who is successful in his life That person is sensitive to his nature. Take any person Who is successful they have a big heart.

This is not the mean that you are so sensitive so you are a fool and people are using you. Being sensitized means that you know that someone is using you even though you are forgiving him because your heart is so big.

So if you want to get to know how much big and soft your heart is then there are 4 sign below:-

1st Sign:-  Helping Nature


When someone is walking beside you and you don’t even know him and he is asking for help, So you feel good that this person is seeking help which I do not even know him. Perhaps after this, you may not meet this person in life and you still helping him

So you feel good, and whenever someone asks you for help, you can not say No, it is a very big sign of the sensible people.

2nd Sign:- Make people happy


The second is the signal that is seen in most people, whenever you hear about a negative incident or see on any T.V. news. If someone gets killed, someone gets raped, after listening to such an incident You take such a problem Seriously, though this is a problem of the world and you feel that it is a problem of my friends,You have problems with your family or have a problem related to you and you have a lot of problems with such incidents and you have to talk about this negativity.Anyone who invests in the world thinks of doing bad thinking about it,That is why whenever you look at the poor people, you see young children begging So you have a lot of trouble from inside and you feel that it is my duty to do something for them and you think about its solution and you think that how society should make a better society, how to make life of such people well.

3rd Sign:- Forgive

images (2)

When a person cheats you and hurts you and you think that you will not talk to that person, but you will forgive him in a very short time.You know that this person is never going to improve and every time you forgive their mistakes. And you want this person to ever improve his life.When he makes a mistake, you do not feel that he has cheated on you, but you think that this person does not understand how many times he makes mistakes.

So these type of people think big and they get very upset about that thing and want to get rid of them.Therefore, those who are big thinkers are very sensitive, And those poets, writers and their lines are written and they keep inspire from inside because it’s emotional.

4th Sign:- Think too much


Sensitive people hear things deeply and do some creative, In this world, there are many great scientists who have also searched out big problems. They are people of sensitive type and they think about the world and understand the problem of others as their problem, Maybe you might still be thinking that you are a very sensitive person, maybe you might be fooling yourself, but you do not have to think like this because you have the advantage of being sensitive. It is the wrong thing that people use you, you also know about it but your heart is so big that you repeatedly forgive them.

I hope you are also sensitive type person If you liked to know about yourself, please just like this, share your views.


5 thoughts on “4 Sign You Have Big Heart(Highly Sensitive Person)

  1. I am also a very sensitive person, and rather difficult to live in the present day society, as so many are rather self centred and selfish and not all that kind. This is a common fact that so many find it difficult, “That many mistake Kindness to weakness” People seems so much in a hurry, loud and careless. I am sensitive to unnecessary noise, as quietness makes room to deep thinking and knowing what to do best: Wisdom~ which noise makes it impossible for the mind to think properly!
    Thank you for sharing your views with us. Hope you are keeping well? Sending Many Blessings of Love Light and Healing Energies Your way. May God Bless You 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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