How to quit Bad Thought from our Mind

Hello everyone,
Whenever bad thought comes in our mind, to stop those thoughts, what I believe that, it is foolish thing to say that we should wear Amulet, take medicine or do yoga, because whenever such thoughts comes in our mind those prescription does not work anyway. But what do you think can’t we control those thoughts??? Yes we can!!!. For this we have to think where the thoughts come from. You will agree my point if I say those thoughts comes when we’re are alone or we have free time. Just think for a while whenever we are with our family or we are doing our favorite work then those bad thoughts never comes in our mind. I believe that by doing yoga or exercise we can make our body healthy, but this is not our body but mental illness. If we want overcome from it then will be fine by our deeds. Whenever we are having free time we should utilize our time such a way so that our life will be in right direction so that it will be helpful to meeting our goals.

So, I am not saint or god, but I have overcome from this situation. It is the strength that wants to get out and to get it out, it will have to come out from deeds. Whenever I get free time I use to read blogs, write posts and share something in social media through my pages and I talk to with my friends with whom I have not talked from many days. And now reading became my habit. So this is how we can quit bad thoughts from our mind.

I hope you loved this process. Thanks do comment and share your thoughts.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “How to quit Bad Thought from our Mind

  1. In studying martial arts I learned how the nervous system reacts to repetition. The neural pathway actually gets physically stronger. Nerve cells grow thicker when a movement is practiced over and over. I believe that our thought process is the same. The more we practice a thought the stronger it becomes no matter if it’s a good thought or a bad one.

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