What do you Think, What Does Silence Mean?

What Does Silence Mean?

I have heard people saying that I don’t like talking much. I love to stay silent because it’s in my nature. Yes being silent and enjoying alone time can be in people’s nature for sure, Enjoying peaceful weather and nature in silence is something everyone like, Being silent and enjoying alone time in this busy world is something everyone needs, but What Does Silence Mean? Do silence only indicates alone time or enjoyment of weather or nature? No silence indicates a lot of things, it’s like saying many things without making any sound or noise. Silence most of the time is a signal that person is continuously thinking something, that person is in a deep thought. Silence can be a signal that person is in their own world of thoughts and thinking. As it says sometimes silence can be the most powerful scream.

A person can be silent when he/she is frightened, some people go into silent mode because of they afraid to speak. Some people remain silent because they are insecure because they have low confidence or self-esteem. Some people go into silent mode because the other person is making that particular conversation one sided means only interested in talking not at all interested in hearing other person, some people prefer to stay silent because they are emotional means they believe that if they say anything which they shouldn’t then later they will regret hence they prefer keeping silence,  Some people stay silent because they feel sad or upset due to some reasons or due to some statements or hurtful conversations, some people stay silent because they find particular situation or conversation boring hence you will notice people yawing, yawn can be the biggest sign that person is bored that’s why he or she is silent. Some people stay silent because they are introvert ( like me ), some people stay silent because they are apathetic and they have given up and simply don’t care anymore. ( Tell me in the comment below which type of person you are? )

Silence is a very powerful weapon. It can make a person realize their mistake without saying a word, silence can hurt people more than words hence we people should never discourage and ignore the importance and signal of silence, hence we must understand people’s silence. Here are some points regarding “What Does Silence Mean?”.

1. Be attentive


Our body speaks, not only our mouth of tongue but our entire body speaks, whether its eyes, hand gestures or postures, our entire body speak and if we stay attentive we can understand unsaid words as well, for example, eyes speak whether person genuinely loves us or not, smile speaks whether person is genuinely smiling or its fake or they are shy, similarly silence also speaks whether person is angry upset sad or afraid, we people just need to be extra attentive in order to understand unsaid words, feelings, and expressions.

2. Chance

Image result for chance

In order to break the silence, you must give other person chance to speak, you should be a listener too, you must balance your talking and listening skill, you shouldn’t dominate the conversation at one side, give equal chance.

3. Observe

Related imageYou must observe people very carefully, in group we usually don’t obverse every member carefully hence we must observe each person carefully, we must see who is talking and who is not, who is distracted and who isn’t this will make you understand people reason for silence, for example in school teacher usually fail to pay attention to every kid and they don’t even put efforts to know the reason behind child’s silence, hence this neglecting  behavior of teacher parents plays very bad role in any child’s life.

4. Encourage

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Encourage silent people to speak more, here you need to understand that whether person Is enjoying their personal time or whether they are silent because of other reasons, if person is enjoying personal time then give them their space, and if they are silent because of other reasons then encourage them to speak don’t force them but encourage them. You must understand the silence reason whether it’s a signal or other reason and accordingly you should behave.

5. Be open minded

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You must not take someone’s silence badly or you shouldn’t be offended by someone’s silence you must understand the reason, you must stay calm, for example, many times in relationship one person speaks and other go to silent mode, this silent mode irritates the talkative person, instead of getting irritated we must understand their silence reason, we must give them their time, we must understand what makes them feel bad, what disturbed them, this open minded behavior of yours will close the differences and also open up positive comfortable relationship.

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17 thoughts on “What do you Think, What Does Silence Mean?

  1. Annie

    Interesting! But sometimes people are silent I think because their voice is really not welcome, depends on the context and the power dynamics.. There are ALWAYS power differentials, defined by those who have it usually… Unwritten rules, you know? It’s not like people have ‘really’ evolved to inclusivity. That would take a level playing field, and those silenced learn the actual, unspoken dangers that are denied (by the rule makers)….nice post!

    Liked by 3 people

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