Life is too Short

Life is such a beautiful gift given by God to us, but many people fail to understand the actual real beauty of life. Life is too short to waste your time of assuming things which has nothing to do with reality. Life is too short to live with other expectations. Life is about your choices and decisions, your small and every single choice will make your life beautiful, life is not about taking unwanted risk, life is about calculated risk, life is about planning goals properly, life is about you and your loved ones, life is about your free will, life is about happiness and it’s about how you look at the world it’s about how to respond towards God beautiful gift given to you “ LIFE”.

1. Too short to worry

Life is too short to worry about what others will think of you, every individual has their own lives, people in this world has no time for others, if you worry always about what others will say, then you are violent towards yourself and towards your happiness, you need to be happy for yourself and only for your loved ones, you don’t need to behave the way others want you to behave, you need to be yourself, because only then your inner soul will able to feel the freedom. Don’t lock yourself in prison of what others will feel or say, Life is too short to worry about what others will say.

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2. Too short to assume and make judgments

Assumption is nothing but a believe or thought you have in your mind which has nothing to do with the actual reality, assumptions will do nothing but only make your life shorter and will take away your peace and happiness, for example, if you find anything weird or wrong in behavior of your loved ones, then ask communicate, instead of assuming and thinking anything which has nothing to do with reality, your peace will come only when you communicate not by assumptions.

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3. Too short to be unhappy

Life is too short to be unhappy, you won’t get this life again, you won’t be getting the same time again, hence enjoy each day and make every day count, be with your loved ones, be with some who makes you happy, be with yourself and love yourself.

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4. Too short to regret and crib

Forget about past, regretting and cribbing about the same old situation will not make any difference it will only close opportunities and solution and it will only ruin your present hence forget about negative stuff and focus towards the positive present because positive present can make positive future, negative past will only make your life negative.

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5. Too short to blame

Every Human has a unique gift given by God and that is free will, which means we make our own choices and decisions, hence instead of blaming others or cursing life we should accept our responsibilities and should take control of our lives on our hand, because the moment you take responsibility, is the moment you can bring changes to your life and to others life.

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6. Too short to hate

We all are same, every individual has emotions, every person has feelings, everyone make mistakes hence we should deal with other mistakes the same way we will deal with ours, we people should move towards humanity and should together stand against the violence and people who want to spread negativity and hatred, we should understand the deep meaning of the phrase united we stand divided we fall, hence we should treat every individual equally, shouldn’t disrespect anyone’s feelings and emotions, shouldn’t behave partial and should always help the one who needs, should be kind with everyone, because we all are human and humanity comes first.

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7. Too short to be bad and negative

Life is a one time offer, hence we should use it wisely, because proper use will only give good results means happiness and peace, bad use of life will not only destroy other lives but also ruin your life, and life shouldn’t be taken so lightly that you don’t even get a chance to correct your mistake, I know I am saying making times but it is really important to understand   that anything extra ruins the taste.

Hence taking life too seriously or taking life too lightly in both ways you can ruin your life, hence understand the importance of every aspect of your life and don’t be extreme be neutral, and have a lovely happy beautiful life.

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8. Too short to make things complicated

If you are missing someone call them, if you feel sad then express your emotions to someone trustworthy, if you want to meet someone then go and meet don’t assume what will they feel, taking actions will make your life easy, assuming and thinking and doing nothing will only complicate our life.

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