8 Life Lessons You Need to Know

God has given us this life, because we all have that courage strength and brain, we all are capable of living this life at fullest, If god would want us to crib regret and always be negative, then god wouldn’t have given us strength, courage and most importantly brain, We people are given brain because we are capable of using it, we have brain so to take things positively and to understand things logically, But I have seen many people instead of having brain they don’t use it, they love to follow crowd, they love to be influenced easily.

Today I will share 8 Life lessons with you all, hope it will help you to become more optimistic towards life.

1. Never Give up :-

The first nevergiveupand the most important life lesson is to never give up, because this Never quitting attitude will able to bring massive success in your life, For example you must have heard the story of rabbit and turtle, turtle never giving up attitude made him win that race, similarly if you want to win and if you want to grow then have never given up attitude.

2. Never compare :-


The comparison is the biggest and worst violence you do to yourself, Comparison will always make you feel insecure and jealous. You should always compete to yourself and always compare your yesterday progress with today’s. You should always be focused on yourself because this self-focused, self-discipline and commitment to yourself and to your own growth will help you to grow and achieve what you always desire about.

People don’t get success through comparison, but usually, success comes with determination, hard work smart work and focus.

3. Love yourself :-

love urself

The very first thing you should do before facing the reality and world is to accept yourself and love yourself. If you don’t love yourself how will you love your life and the people around you,. If you do not accept yourself how will you know your strength and weaknesses and will you grow and improve yourself. Hence self-acceptance and self-love are really very important, and to learn life lesson you must accept yourself completely. You are unique you are capable of doing anything this fact will take you to success journey.

4. Learn to value time :-


Time flies and never comes back. Time is the most precious thing and we people should utilize our time properly, People should not only be careful about their time but also about others, as it says, if some wastes your 10 minutes then 8 minute was your fault, example if you have to complete your assignment and at the same time your friend calls you and ask you to come for a movie, it is you who needs to decide whether that assignment is important or that movie, Saying yes to your friend just because he doesn’t feel bad then it’s your fault, you must know to remove yourself from such situations, You can be polite humble.

I am not saying to always avoid friends or plans but sometimes you need to decide between important and most important things.

5. Never afraid to change :-


Change is constant,  never resist to change because it’ the main thing which helps you to grow, just think how many changes you have gone through in your life since you are born, But when I talk about change, it again comes on you to decide, which kind of change you want to adopt, like would you like to change for something good or for something bad, for example, will you be friends with people who always encourage you, who are focused and committed towards their great future or would you like to be around people who are not focused and indulge in bad habits, choice is yours, whether you want to be a good change or bad change.

6. Live the moment :-

present moment

Sometimes while thinking too much about our life and future and while regretting on our past we forget about our present, we forget about making our present moment happy and memorable, and as we grow we realize that those moments were the actual treasure of our lives, I am not saying thinking about future is wrong, but overthinking ruins your present, hence it says anything extra always ruins the taste, similarly anything extra ruins the happiness, hence try to always live in the moment.

7. Forgive and go on :-


Mistakes happen, and mistake shows you are trying, hence forgive and move on, never repeat the same old mistake again otherwise it will be your choice, mistakes are those which happens ones and we move on and never repeat it, Everyone faces wrong decision in their past, there are no one who will say that I haven’t committed any mistake or I haven’t made any wrong decision, even I had made mistakes and took wrong decisions but what I didn’t do was I never repeat the same mistake again and I never crib on my wrong decision, I learn from them and take immediate action to solve them and forgive myself and move on.

8. Kindness :-


Kindness is a kind of language a deaf can hear and a blind can see, Yes kindles humble nature and polite behavior will help you to become the happiest person, Happiness not only comes with money but also through kindness, helping someone can give you thousand awesome and best feelings and these feelings will help you to see world differently and also open up opportunities in front of you, always be kind and helpful to others because unity will help us to survive and help us to grow.

These are the few life lessons, life teaches us different lessons at every stage of our life, it is you who needs to decide whether that life lesson will change you to something better or for something bad, whether you take it positively and move ahead in life and come under the list of successful people or will take it negatively and stay where you are and keep on regretting, Choice is yours.

Thank you.

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