This Is The Best Way To Build Self Confidence According To Famous Celebrities

Building up your confidence can get precarious now and then. Regardless of how stellar you’re feeling when you walk the front door in the morning, the world can act as a burden and totally change your mood. Fortunately, famous celebrities realize what it means to get thumped down a peg, as well. Here, is a list of 7 celebrities that share their advice on building your self-confidence:


“I have faith in waking up each day and moving towards well being and taking care of your body. Keep in mind that you are youthful, lovely, person, and one of a kind—that deserves everything in this world. For building your self-confidence, it’s important to believe in yourself and your potential.”


“I want to say additionally it feels great to be chosen, however, there was a period in my life that I was not chosen. I was the inverse of picked on the grounds that I was extraordinary, and I think I wanna ensure that everybody realizes that what makes you different right now, influences you to emerge sometime down the road. So you ought to be pleased with being unique, you ought to be proud of who you are.” Building your self-confidence is not an overnight process. It takes great determination and belief in your own self.


“‘Am I dealing with myself soundly?’ ‘Am I honoring myself and being mindful?’ And again and again, I answer yes to that question. At that point, I remind myself to be benevolent to myself, and as somewhat silly as it might sound, to treat myself in the same delicate way I’d want to treat a little girl of mine. It truly makes a difference.” When you plan on building your self-confidence, it’s important to treat others how you would want them to treat you too.


“In case you’re a youngster, similar to I used to be, and you’re at home watching TV and you’re being called abnormal, or you’re being called unique, or whatever the hell you’re being called, I’m here today to today to let you know, your critics don’t matter Their words will blur. You won’t.” While building your self-confidence it’s crucial you take the critics in a positive way and don’t dwell on them. You should know how to benefit from different kinds of critics and praises.


“Building your self-confidence is controlled by you. You don’t need to rely upon somebody revealing to you who you are.”


“I needed to quit going to auditions considering, ‘Gracious, I think they like me.’ I wanted to go in supposing I was the solution to their concern. You could feel the difference in the room quickly. The best lesson I learned was that occasionally you need to counterfeit it. What’s more, you must fall flat.” Always counter question yourself and every step you take if you are building your self-confidence.


“It takes a considerable measure of bravery, to be honest, and genuine and to take that social cover off so as to interface with another person. Such a large amount of what makes us who we are is smoothed away on the web. Furthermore, what genuinely interfaces us is the wrinkles, not the smoothness.” Building your self-confidence also means that you accept all your flaws and turn them into your strengths.


14 Habits That All Unhappy People Have

Happiness comes in such a large number of various structures that it can be difficult to characterize. Misery, on the other hand, is definitely not hard to remember. You know it when it thumps your entryway, and you unquestionably know when you are unhappy with life. A well-known Study from Stanford looked into subjects for eight centuries and found that being unhappy with life is connected to unhealthy well-being and a shorter life expectancy. Exactly when people are miserable with life, it is generously more difficult to connect with them also work with them. Watch yourself deliberately to verify that these 11 habits of unhappy people are not your own.


Letting yourself know, “I’ll be cheerful when …” is one of the least demanding unhappy habits to fall into. How you end the announcement does not generally make a difference (it may be a job, more pay, or another relationship) since it puts excessively accentuation on conditions and enhanced conditions do not prompt joy. Try not to invest your energy waiting for something that is demonstrated to have no impact on your happiness.


People unhappy with life encounter a noteworthy increment in happiness when their financial conditions enhance. Yet it drops off rapidly above a certain yearly pay. There is a pool of research that demonstrates that materialistic things don’t bring happiness to you. When you make a routine of pursuing things you are probably going to end up noticeably unhappy with life. in light of the fact that, past the mistake you encounter once you get them, you find that you’ve picked up them to the detriment of the genuine articles that can make you upbeat, for example, friends, family, and side interests.


When you feel unhappy with life its enticing to keep away from other individuals. This is an enormous error as mingling even when you detest it. We as a whole have those occasions when we simply need to pull the spreads over our heads and decline to converse with anyone. Yet understand that the minute this turns into an inclination it devastates your mindset. Perceive when unhappiness is making you reserved, compel yourself to get out there and blend, and you will see the change immediately.


As such, “Life is out to get me, and there’s nothing I can do about it.” The issue with that reasoning is that it cultivates a feeling of vulnerability and individuals who feel powerless are not probably going to make a move to improve things. While everybody is surely qualified to feel down now and then, it is essential to perceive when you are letting this influence your point of view. Try to make a new move.


Nothing empowers misery like negativity. The issue with a cynical attitude is challenging your temperament. Skeptical thoughts are difficult to shake off until the point when you perceive how outlandish they are. Force yourself to take a look at the certainties and you will see that things are not so terrible as they appear.


Whining is a self-fortifying conduct. By continually talking and consequently thinking about how awful things are, you reaffirm your negative convictions. Beyond making you unhappy with life complaining pushes other individuals away. It is a self-strengthening conduct.


Terrible things happen to everyone. The difference is that cheerful individuals see them for what they are and though unhappy individuals see anything negative as additional confirmation that life is out to get them. An upbeat individual is vexed on the off chance that they have a minor accident while in transit to work, yet they keep things in context.


Happy individuals are responsible for their activities. When they commit an error, they claim it. People unhappy with life then again observe issues and slip-ups to debilitate. So they attempt to shroud them. Issues have a tendency to get greater when they are overlooked. The more you don’t take care of an issue the more it begins to feel as if you can not make a move an, after that you start treating yourself like a victim.


As opposed to characterizing goals, learning, and upgrading themselves, they just keep walking along, and from that point forward, they inquire as to why things never hint at change. Rather than defining objectives, learning, and enhancing themselves, they simply continue trudging along, and after that, they ask why things never show signs of change.


Desire and envy are contrary with satisfaction. So in case you are comparing yourself to other people, it is an ideal opportunity to stop. Be careful about this sort of speculation as it won’t make you cheerful and, as a general rule has the inverse impact. Be cautious about this kind of hypothesis as it won’t make you sprightly and, when in doubt, has the backward effect.


People who are unhappy with life are usually critical of not just themselves but also of others. They constantly judge others and tend to pass negative remarks. Hanging out with such a person can be a bummer. They usually have trouble seeing the good in things and always look on the bad side of things.


Unhappy people trust another person’s favorable luck takes from their own. They believe that there is insufficient goodness to go around and continually look at yours against theirs. This leads towards jealousy and hatred.


Happy people go up against a sound measurements of hallucination and enable themselves to stare off into space about what they had jumped at the chance to have life unfold for them. Unhappy fill that headspace with steady stress and fear.


Harboring sick sentiments towards somebody or something resembles conveying a 10-pound weight in your pocket. We as a whole have had awful encounters that have left a sharp taste in your mouth.  Forgiveness is the arrangement and is an inconceivably effective idea. Perhaps you have been wronged or settled on a horrendous choice in your life. Gain from it and proceed onward.

10 Things You’ll Only Learn About Success If You’ve Failed

Everybody has to face failure once in a lifetime. Failures are usually very heartbreaking. They take away all the positive energies of a person. You don’t feel like getting up again. Your morale goes somewhere down the hill. But that is not the way you should deal with failure. You should know failure is not a permanent thing. The only thing required is your mindset that you will get through it. Here are 10 things which you will only learn if you have failed at some point in your life:


Failure is a great teacher if you will open your eyes and see it the other way round rather than feeling like a loser. As the famous saying goes: “The quickest road to success is to possess an attitude toward the failure of ‘no fear’”.


Who does not like comfort? Everyone desire to stay in that state only. But when failure strikes it makes you leave your comfort zone and step into the world of taking risky steps to gain something. Someone rightly said: “One of the biggest secrets to success is operating inside your strength zone but outside of your comfort zone.”


Once you face failure you feel like just sitting in the corner of a room and doing absolutely nothing. But the attitude you need to possess at that time is to keep on trying. Never let failure take away your goals. Failure actually teaches you to try again and try harder next time.


Failure also teaches us to get there. There means to get your goals more quickly. As Seth Godin said: “I have failed way more times than I have succeeded.” This saying gives the message to never set back and success will be yours eventually.


Passion is what success actually demands. If you are passionate enough only then you will become successful. If you fail, it teaches you to become more passionate. When you fall you want to get up and get to the top. So, the feeling of losing makes you more passionate.


Positivity is required in every field of life. If you have a positive attitude you can get through anything in your life.


Time is extremely important in everyone’s life. The ones who fail knows exactly why they have. But after going through that phase failure teaches you the importance of time. And when you know it, there is nothing which can keep you away from being successful. As Richard Branson said: “Any successful entrepreneur knows that time is more valuable than money itself.”


“You are what you are by what you believe.” Oprah Winfrey. You can only get there where you believe you can. If you feel you can reach any heights only then you will be able to there. Failure teaches you that when no one stands by your side, the belief which you have in yourself helps you in gaining success. So, keep up the belief in your abilities to become successful.


Procrastination is the act of delaying something. Successful people never follow this rule. Failure teaches you the importance of time and how you should value it. As Pablo Picasso said: “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”


Les Brown once said: “Do something today, your future will thank you for.” Failure teaches you the value of taking action. You can only be successful when you are willing to take some action. Take action on the right time and success will be yours.

Mahatma Gandhi

words and music and stories


Mahatma Gandhi, who was born 2 October 1869, is admired as one of history’s most transformative and inspirational figures.
Throughout his life he campaigned for the rights and dignity of all people and the promotion of non-violence. , and his  words, so full of wisdom, continue to inspire people all over the world.
He was assassinated in 1948.

He said:

  • “A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.”
  • “To believe in something, and not live it, is dishonest.”
  • “Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world but being able to remake ourselves.”
  • “The future depends on what we do today.”
  • “Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”
  • “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”

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No excuses, only UNDERSTANDING of why/reasons behind OUR OWN actions. As long as our own “why” is clear, that’s all that matters.

No explanations too – just ACCEPTANCE of how things are as they are, based on OUR OWN decisions/choices.

No regrets, definitely – only GRATITUDE for the lessons and experience behind all events/actions.

There are always two sides of everything. It depends on which one we focus on, and which one we give our energy too. Well, life is short and quoting Dalai Lama, “The purpose of life is to be happy”, and it is really up to me to choose/decide how and what can I be, do and have to be happy!

^_^ Also, the only things that I can have control of are my mind and my action (definitely not someone else’s mind and action!), so I’ll always remind myself to think happy thoughts, imagine/visualise happy things, focus on my goals/dreams, and everything will be alright in the end! :)))


  • We have a family;
  • We have friends;
  • We have money;
  • We have good health;
  • We can go wherever we want;
  • We live in a very good place with good food and friendly people;
  • We have almost everything;

Guess we humans have the habit of ignoring what we have and cry for the things that we don’t have

  • Let’s Give up this habit;
  • Make life simple;
  • Forget about time and calendar;
  • Live in the present and enjoy each and every small moment of my life;

Most of us have everything, still, we worry instead of enjoying life with what we have. LIFE IS VERY SIMPLE. Let’s ENJOY THE PRESENT.

Tips to Get Motivation

Motivation keeps us looking forward to our goals. At times we can all lose some motivation that we need to accomplish our goals. It’s like there’s something you really want to do, but there’s absolutely no motivation there. So you end up not doing it and eventually digging yourself into a rut. To me, that’s the worst feeling ever. So I’ve come up with some tips to help you regain that motivation and keep it so you can keep reaching and achieving your goals.

  1. Find Inspiration: Whenever I lose motivation to do something, I find that having a cute notebook with an inspirational quote helps. I also have a few pretty cool pictures in my room that I can look at.
  2. Remember your dreams: Remember what your goals are! Remember why you started doing what you love in the first place. Constantly think of it and never forget that if you work hard for it, your dreams will come true!
  3. Surround yourself with positivity: If you’re around negative people, you’ll have a negative attitude. So cut those people out of your life! Find true friends who will stand by you and support you in everything you do. If you have somebody constantly telling you that you’ll never make it in life, that’s the kind of attitude you’ll have. No friends are better than fake friends. 
  4. Get up and work for it: Pretty self-explanatory right? You can’t work for your dreams while sleeping the day away, or binge-watching your favorite tv series while eating a family sized bag of Doritos (Guilty…). You have to get up and get out there! That’s the hardest part is getting out of bed and being determined. After that, you’ll be able to accomplish anything.
  5. Eat right: As the saying goes “You are what you eat” and that is completely true. You aren’t going to make it through the day by eating crappy junk food and soda (that would be awesome though!) You have to eat healthy to have a more productive brain. You’ll get so much more done if you eat a big healthy breakfast than eating a bag of chips and a soda.
  6. Last but not least… EXERCISE!: Exercising not only helps your body but your brain as well. It gets the blood flowing in your body and stimulates the brain so you’ll feel refreshed and even in a better mood when you’re done exercising. Now, you don’t have to go run a marathon, but just a short 15-minute walk will do.

KHAT- A Grandfather writes a letter to his newborn Grandchild and It’s very Inspiring!

This letter from Grandfather to his Grandchild which will Blow your Mind because it has got all the major life experiences and things listed in it that every person should know. You will find yourself related to the letter if you hear every word in it. Check out the awesome letter.

Dear Munna…

Welcome to this World…

This is a beautiful, lovely and amazing place

and you have been sent here to make it more beautiful and amazing…

Who has sent us???

Nobody has been able to know that till date

and probably it’s not even important…

so please don’t waste your time on such questions…

We all have a limited time here…

and however we might have, it always seems less

there is so much to see, so much to know

and so much to experience that you don’t have time to waste

possibilities are endless…

you can become anything

you can do anything

you can change this world

try something new, everyday

try to learn and understand something new…

and if in doubt…

remember… it is always better to regret something after doing it rather than regretting without doing it

because by doing something, even if you don’t gain anything

you will gain experience

which is very valuable

experience everything,

but don’t get addicted

experience will help you differentiating right from wrong…

it will prevent you from committing mistakes

but don’t be afraid of committing mistakes

because only those who do something make mistakes

Take responsibilities for your mistakes

and try to rectify them,

Forgive other people’s mistake

and give them a chance to rectify it.

No one likes to commit mistakes,

no one misbehaves on purpose…

you don’t know, what’s going on in someone’s life…

so treat anyone the way you treat yourself,

be as lenient to others as you are to yourself,

respect everyone, trust everyone

and most importantly, love everyone…

love is very sparse in this world and everyone needs it…

you will need it too…don’t hesitate to ask for it…

and don’t hesitate to show it…

life is too short to be shy…

dance like there is no tomorrow,

sing with all your heart, eat as much you can, laugh loudly

and always cry like a baby just you were crying now… on phone

only your body should grow old, not your heart…

the day you loss your innocence… you loss your life…

think about the future, but don’t worry about it…

think about the past, but don’t get lost in it…

there will be good days and bad…

don’t boast too much when the days are good…

and don’t loose hope when the days are bad…

don’t give yourself all the credit for your success

and never blame others for your failures…

just keep moving forword, keep spreading heppiness

and always remember, you have been sent here just for one reason…

to make this world more beautiful…

and more amazing

lots of love…



13 Unexpected Things That Harm Your Brain

Just like the other organs of our body, our brain can suffer from various factors, even those that aren’t too obvious.

Bright Side will tell you about everyday habits that can cause significant harm to your brain. And those who read the article to the end are in for an unexpected quote from a clever man.

13. Lack of communication

study conducted at the University of Michigan showed that even 10 minutes of communication per day increases mental ability. It is not at all necessary to go out and talk to the first person you see — talking with a friend or relative on the phone also stimulates the brain.

12. Too much sugar

According to research, a large amount of sugar adversely affects the neurotrophic factor of the brain, or BDNF, which is responsible for the production of neurons. In particular, BDNF is very important for the formation of long-term memory and learning.

11. Lack of brain exercise

According to scientists, the peak of brain productivity is reached at 16-25 years, after which it slowly declines. However, extensive research has shown that regular brain exercise (reading, solving puzzles) can significantly improve its performance, even in people who have the first signs of senile dementia.

10. Skipping breakfast

Studies show that children who eat breakfast regularly perform much better at school, especially in the sciences. Skipping breakfast causes a decrease in blood glucose levels, which, in turn, negatively affects brain functioning.

9. Junk food

Too much fast food in the diet and constant overeating negatively affect connections between brain cells and, as a result, the training and formation of short-term and long-term memory. In addition, eating too much fast food may cause depression.

8. Ice cream

Any cold food, including ice cream, can cause a sudden headache. It is believed that cold food narrows the blood vessels. The body, trying to prevent hypothermia, sends warm blood to the brain, which, in turn, dilates the blood vessels. It is this difference, according to scientists, that causes a headache.

7. Cell phones

A study on rats revealed a link between brain cancer and the use of cell phones. However, you should not throw out your smartphone. Instead, doctors advise you to use a speaker or a headset for talking and to not put the phone near your pillow while you sleep.

6. Covering your head during sleep

When we sleep covering our head with a blanket, we reduce the amount of oxygen entering our body because, in this case, we have to breathe in already “recycled” air, which is saturated with carbon dioxide. This creates a lack of oxygen for our brain.

5. Dehydration

As you know, the human brain is 70-80% water. In addition, water is responsible for the delivery of necessary substances to the brain. The brain works most effectively when it does not lack H2O.

4. Alcohol

According to researchers, alcohol consumption destroys connections between brain cells. However, there is good news: for those who stop drinking alcohol, the brain eventually returns to normal.

3. Smoking

As research has shown, smoking leads not only to cancer but also to a decrease in the thickness of the cerebral cortex. Such damage can significantly affect mental abilities because it is this part of the brain that, among other things, is responsible for thinking.

2. Lack of exercise

The brain needs regular training. In one study, it was found that physical exercises have a beneficial effect on the synthesis of BDNF and, hence, on long-term memory.

1. A strict diet

It turns out that during a strict diet, it’s not only the body that’s losing weight. Research has shown that a severe restriction in nutrition causes the brain to actually eat itself. This is another reason to be more reasonable in approaching your own diet. Don’t exhaust yourself with “hungry” diets — just eat right.

8 Unique Hobbies That Will Lead To Excellent Habits


hobby ideas

This is one of the most unique hobby one can even think of. The matter is that it has a practical value. If you are passionate about studying languages, you should know at least a couple of them on a sustainable level. Thus, you will get the advantage over all other applicants if your applying for a job. However, the benefits of studying a foreign language are not limited by that. Additionally, you show that you are a dedicated and passionate person who has a huge experience in self-control. Also, it proves that you are attentive to details and ready to take responsibility.


hobby ideas

A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world. A place to share your thoughts and your passions. Really, it’s anything you want it to be. For our purposes we’ll say that a blog is ones own website that you are going to update on an ongoing basis. Of course it is always better to brag about your hobbies where you’ve got some prominent results. The potential employer will understand that if you managed to become famous your area of expertise, you will definitely be able to repeat your success in another niche.

6. YOGA:

hobby ideas

Today, everyone takes care of their mental and physical health. We are living in a critically stressful environment, and for most of the people it seems almost impossible to handle stress successfully. There are many ways that help to deal with this problem, and yoga is perhaps the most popular one. A person becomes more focused, less irritated, and knows how to set goals and reach them. Yoga is a great hobby to demonstrate that you know how to handle emotions and how to stay emotionally stable when the situation is totally unbalanced. This hobby if given focus will lead into a great habit.


hobby ideas

Studies show that many of those who have leadership skill prefer sports. If you develop a hobby of sports it will make you a risk-taker.  Secondly, it will make you feel absolutely comfortable with getting rid of all kind of boundaries. None obstacle will prevent you from starting to plan and turning your plan into actions. This is priceless for any person to achieve. So the hobby of playing sports will help you in developing great habits.


hobby ideas

First of all this hobby makes a person able to communicate with different people. You will get to know on how to find a common language with any person and how to understand what this person wants exactly. Additionally, this hobby will help you in becoming a good planner, as you have found a way to combine video and photo production, and both of them require time.


hobby ideas

Climbing is the sport of leaders and extremely passionate people. The ones who have a hobby of climbing know it’s good affects very well. Additionally climbing helps you to manage stress in everyday routine, it taught us to act in the most complicated situations, and how great it is when it comes to decision making.This hobby will lead a man in making a great habit which will help him eventually.


hobby ideas

Gardening will make you understand the importance of regular maintenance, keeping everything clean and tidy, and day-by-day care. Besides, this type of hobby helps you to take the responsibility of things which in future will be very helpful when became a habit. As one will know how to take responsibilities and do stuff on the right and on time.


hobby ideas

Reading is a very rare hobby which most of us don’t like to possess. Many of us would like to consider ourselves to be intelligent, and we know that reading is good for our brain so why do some of us find it so hard to read consistently? First things first, the hype behind reading is true. Studies have shown that reading gives a noticeable to creativity & decision making, a research from Yale also points to reading as being a fantastic way to improve your memory.